Hometown: Pasig
Reppin: The Pharm, Cosche Collective
Division: Metro Manila
Year Joined: 2010

Skarm immediately made an impact in FlipTop’s English Conference when he bodybagged Josh G at the first ever Ahon event. Apart from his remarkable flow, fans were also captivated by his intricate rhyme schemes and brilliant mix of brutal lines and comedy. His most recent battle was against Charron at Tectonics 2 in April 2013, and it’s often considered as an underrated gem. 

Even before the league began, Skarm was already active in the music scene. He was part of AMPON’s first compilation album “Dekoding Rhythm”, which dropped in mid 2006. In early 2008, he released his debut solo project entitled “Lazy Boy Blues”. When FlipTop was eventually established, the Pasig-based emcee continued putting out various singles, EPs, and LPs.


sKarm vs Charron

Tectonics 2 Promo Battle

sKarm vs Luck Loosh

Tectonics Promo Battle

sKarm vs SinCity (pt. 2)

Down N South Non-Tournament