Hometown: Marikina
Reppin: Crazy Family Badboys, Shockra, Puyat Records, Blck Mrkt
Division: Metro Manila
Year Joined: 2012

Crazymix made his debut at the first Dos Por Dos with Bassilyo. Even though they took the L at the quarterfinals, their performance still clicked with battle rap fans. The duo joined once again at the 2013 tournament and was able to reach the finals. As a solo emcee, Crazymix is also a force to be reckoned with. He may have lost his first 1-on-1 battle, but after improving his pen game, he went on to win his next two. The Marikina-born emcee is known for his bars and jokes, which are delivered with a rapid fire flow. In his match against Damsa at Ahon 5, he successfully proved that he was the superior speed rapper.


Shernan/M Zhayt vs Crazymix/Bassilyo

Zoning (A)

Dos Por Dos 2017

Crazymix/Bassilyo vs Cripli/Towpher

Unibersikulo 5

Dos Por Dos 2017

Crazymix vs Damsa

Ahon 5 (Day 2)