• Hometown: Mariveles, Bataan
  • Reppin: Myself
  • Division: Central Luzon
  • Year Joined: 2019

JDee started out as a battle emcee in Bataan’s underground scene. In 2018, he joined FlipTop’s Central Luzon tryouts and was able to reach the finals. Despite not winning the championship, his performance was still enough for him to earn a spot in the league’s roster. JDee’s first official battle took place at the 2019 Won Minutes event, taking on his tryout finals opponent CNine. He lost his debut match, but it only made him even stronger. 

The pandemic failed to halt JDee’s plan on elevating his battle rap career. He became active at the quarantine battles and quickly made an impact with his dominant victories. The Bataan-born emcee became well-known for his blend of comedic and technical lines and clever rebuttals as well as his powerful delivery. You can always expect an intense atmosphere whenever he’s battling.



JDee vs Vitrum

Ahon 14 (Day 1) Non-Tournament

Invictus vs JDee

Gubat 12 (Day 2) Isabuhay 2023

Zaito vs JDee

Zoning 16 Isabuhay 2023