Manda Baliw

  • Hometown: Antipolo
  • Reppin: Mybngthugs, WPCHood, Alyansa Paikot, RIHIPMO, Antipolo’s Finest
  • Division: Metro Manila
  • Year Joined: 2022

Manda Baliw joined the Process of Illumination 6 tryouts in Metro Manila. He wasn’t able to advance to the next round, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his hip-hop dreams. The Antipolo emcee continued battling in leagues such as Motus, FRBL, and Sunugan. He amassed a huge following with his witty comedic style that is reminiscent of FlipTop in 2010. His deadpan delivery makes his humor even more effective. He eventually caught the attention of Anygma in mid 2022, which led to his first match in the league against Bagsik. Manda Baliw won his debut battle and instantly became popular among FlipTop fans. 

He has released plenty of solo and group tracks online, showing his versatility as a lyricist. His latest is a collaboration with Toistorii and Lein entitled “Lasing Ka Na Naman”. Check out the official music video on YouTube! Apart from rapping, Manda Baliw is also an active tattoo artist.


Zaki vs Manda Baliw

Ahon 14 (Day 1) Non-Tournament

Manda Baliw vs Batang Rebelde

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CNine vs Manda Baliw

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