Fall of Man (Rambling Man)

Slanted Planets
Producer: Flexx

At what cost did you lose yourself?

Nothing much, 'cause you really were nothing much, as such,

The insecure are seduced by ambition

A fool and his kingdom, with shades of vanity and cookie cutter wisdom

It starts with tyrants playing victim

Today the landlord, tomorrow the peasants that evict him

Another lawyer-politician with tired opinions that hijack the system

Welcome to the fiefdom, an emperor for every island

A tapestry of power hungry bees that are hiveless, timeless

Are the acts of the spineless

Selling out is easy 'cause you had nothing worth hiding

Nothing worth struggling for or worth fighting,

You're not the first monkey on that ladder you're climbing

Don't fool us with that ideology you're subscribing

We all know that you're lying, so stop trying,

And yet, Mr. Ivy League plays politicians games

Sucked in by women, wealth and acclaim

Nothing to his name that brings him respect

It's all about connections, titles, who you know

Not what you do, Mr. Bureaucrat has no clue

Just another self-important fly in the soup,

And he assumes, his web of friends are all he needs

Your social network can't hide your lack of deeds,

A tiny world you inhabit in your elitist enclave,

Hubris blinds you to obvious end game,

Power's just a means to an end, if you focus on the means then meet your end

21st century bitch, Machiavelli's outdated

So don't give me that jaded, response, when you say

That's just the way it is, talk is cheap, because you did nothing

Foolish assumption, this age is gushing

Technology and genius are rushing to liberate

Innovate, evolve, obliterate the gap between

The progress of science and the humanity we lack...


And yet, he still goes on with his plan

To have the whole world in the palm of his hand

Watch paradise turn into wasteland, it's the fall of man, it's the fall of man (2x)



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