Hometown: Binangonan, Rizal
Reppin: Myself, Unlock Clothing
Division: Metro Manila
Year Joined: 2019

Luxuria started her battle rap career in Sunugan. She quickly stood out thanks to her intimidating presence and impeccable rap skills. The Rizal-born emcee decided to join the 2018 Process of Illumination tryout and became one of the special picks. Her first official battle took place at the inaugural Won Minutes event, where she defeated Bagsik. She remained active since then, beating big names such as Frooz and Batas during the quarantine battles era. Her intensity and her multisyllabic rhymes continue to leave the viewers in awe.

When she’s not battling, Luxuria is busy with her two businesses. She has her own clothing line (Unlock) and a bagnet bagoong brand, both of which are successful nationwide. She’s also currently working on new music. Watch out for that! 


Zaito vs Luxuria

Second Sight 10 Isabuhay 2022

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Ahon 12 (Day 1) Non-Tournament

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