• Hometown: Cainta, Rizal & Atimonan, Quezon
  • Reppin: Shockra, Fatal Sign Records, Rihipmo, Repablikan
  • Division: Metro Manila
  • Year Joined: 2019

Numerhus was already an established name even before FlipTop was founded. He is famous not only for his very impressive flow, but also for his creative song concepts. In 2018, he decided to delve into the world of battle rap by joining the Process of Illumination 6 tryouts. He didn’t win the championship, but his rap abilities and confident stage presence were enough for him to be part of the special picks. The Shockra member took on Mastafeat at the first Won Minutes event in 2019, and scored a unanimous decision win. From there, he continued to make waves in the league with his supreme rapping skills.

Numerhus may be an active battler now, but he never abandoned his music. He remained consistent when it comes to releasing various projects. He, along with his crew Shockra, released the music video for the track “Operation 10-90”, which now has over 2 million views. On June 2018, Numerhus dropped his debut solo album “Inspired by the Pain”. The LP gained a well-deserved positive reception.


Thike vs Numerhus

Grain Assault 11 Non-Tournament

Goriong Talas vs Numerhus

Zoning 10 Non-Tournament

Damsa vs Numerhus

Ahon 10 (Day 2) Non-Tournament