Tipsy D

Hometown: Bataan
Reppin: Abakadaz, Brixxology, Outbox, Outright
Division: Central Luzon
Year Joined: 2011

When it comes to “bars”, Tipsy D is one of the first names that come to mind. After impressing the audience at Gapo De Gulat 2, he continued to improve his pen game. His multis, wordplays and metaphors are combined with a confident delivery, thus making him a formidable opponent.

What makes him even more threatening is his freestyle ability. He can come up with a well-constructed rebuttal, no matter how strong his opponent’s line is. Tipsy D showed his 100 percent in his battle against Sinio at Aspakan 2. He was also a semi finalist at the 2016 Isabuhay Tournament and a finalist at the 2017 Dos Por Dos.


Tipsy D vs C-Quence

Unibersikulo 10 Non-Tournament

Tipsy D vs Poison13

Zoning 11 Non-Tournament

Sinio/Tipsy D vs Jonas/Lhipkram

The FlipTop Festival (Day 1) 2 on 2