CLR x Denial RC x Deadkey
Producer: Crystol


Di nila ito kayang agawin uh

Di kayang gayahin kahit aralin pa

Walang kahalintulad at walang kauri

To'y parang tatak ng aking mga daliri bruh

Dapat isama mo ko sa top 10 artists

Ibilang sa mga kakaiba

Pag hindi papatayin ko mga paborito mong rapper sa kanta o ikaw, kaya mamili ka

Fuck a list man iIjust gotta write this shit like it's an essay

Technically im a lyrical monster cuz i eat rappers like buffet, shit

I can go all the way im gonna kill this mother fucking beat man

You will gonna be the witness ang mourn like it's still Friday the 13th in Paris man, fuck!

No mic just street cypher

While youre in the studio you writing cute rhymes

Well I hate seeing flat-lined posers

Me I write bars like it's my last time

I'm fucking different than ya'll

Underrated and raw

Man i'll give you hook in this track later aim right

Straight in your jaw

Like I'm Manny Pacman

I'm ahead of the pack man

I'm the realist and the illest

The baddest among the greatest

Was suprised you didn't notice

But why?

Busy to listen to bullshit and doin' bullshit on the internet?

Mic melts everytime I spit

Don't come near me cuz im so fucking sick

Don't blink wag kang pumikit

Dahil minsan ka lang makakita ng ganto ka lupit



Motherfucker you can suck on this

Droppin shit that’ll make you wonder if you really wanna 

Be the one to step into the ring, I do my thing it’s gonna be a 

Bloody mess a 

Wack mc apocalypse

They wanna know what kind of foreign

They look for foreskin to determine my origin

No I’m not rich, no I won’t be your boyfriend

No, I won’t be pulling out my sex organ

Too many on my dick already

Whenever I’m boutta spit they get their cameras ready

I’m unbeatable, yes I beat em all

Too easily like a Tekken 3 Eddy

What you know about the waray waray viking?

Except for the fact that my style is exciting

My freestyle’s are better than whatever you’re writing

Forreal if you cannot do what I can do be silent

Shut up because we don’t play

I see lot of other rappers tryna be doing it in a similar way

Be original

Be a creative filipino

Get an unpredictable sicker flow

Say something that nobody did before

Damo't diri nira kakayanon na ginhimo na namon

Igbutang ini nga kanta ha iyo playlist ngan igreplay alayon

Mga dos mil ka beses

Kitaa kami driftin on SLEX

We tryna take it really far

Denial, Deadkey, CLR



Dire nira kaya agawon

It korona tikang haakon

Dire sadang baga hukal pa

It inadman mo kulang pa

Maging hadi nga tulo it mata

Padig unon't Kultura tara

Porta nga sara binanyakan

Putos hin lara it panyakan

Mga batos ko - kadamo na

Humirayo'n latos han'ak tura

At being the best I'm real good

Let me talk my shit coz it feels good

Labot kot mga titulo pero hi Yung Keezy titulado

Sukol de gramo Panhimayat grado

Di matatagot maangso nga baho

Lutaw it klaro, lunod it larog

Lutaw it klaro lunod it larog

Been sober this is work now

Bank on how this turns out

This aint drive by's and burn outs

This is holy water flowin in droughts

I break bread and drop knowledge

Never trapped and i topped college

I'm never soft come step and challenge

Beat you up in any court or alley

Kept it a hunnid and paid dues

Been lowkey and made moves

Stay relevant spread my network 

On my grizzy stack my networth 

Tikang katikang harayo nak latak

Mapiraw paghulat, waray nakalanat

CLR x Denial RC x Deadkey - Agawon (2018):



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