Delinquent Society
Producer: Delae

Verse 1 (Aud):
Headline Bonnaroo, bad boy let's get it
D.S. on a new path boy, you with it?
Downtown with my homies, bang bang with them groupies
Ride round with them goonies
Now, now are you with it?
Dili managad, nasuko na (ugh)
Done with level 1, we 2 now (ugh)
Everybody feeling that new sound
Davao to Manila
Breaking every stigma
With my filipina señorita aura like she Karencitta
With a flow so sick like amoeba
Dili pa karon bai pero hapit naaaa
Dili pa karon bai pero hapit naaaa

Hook (Aud):
What we have here is a motherfucking monster (woah)
What we have here is a motherfucking monster (woah)
What we have here is a motherfucking monster (woah)
What we have here is a motherfucking monster (woah)

Verse 2 (Aud and Contemplate):
Whippin', sippin’, I'm livin'
With a big bad bitch hoe, imma get it
When my dick bang, bitch, that’s armageddon
With a Pete Marovich, boy, imma pass it up
Now pass it up ay (bounce)
Now pass it up ay (bounce)
Now pass it up ay (bounce)
It's been years in the making so people could respect
Put our name in there head but they never expect
That we came from the city that you live in (yeah)
Yeah, I know that we killed it
People wanted us more
Cause they think that were foreign, yeah (we're not foreign)
Can't blame them coz other rappers sounds boring
Look at them, snoring
We put a bridge on the gap (okay)
There is no music that's trash (oh yeah)
We on the top, in fact, no muscle relax
My group's intact, yeah
I can say it again and again
That we are the top tier in the scene
Blessing on blessings in my team
Blessing on blessings in my team

Verse 3 (Fusr):
I don't wanna talk about things 
If it ain't about money I don't feel like talking
Livin' in my dreams now, I keep sleep walking
Pull up in a jeep, there’s a chick sweet talking
Not the S.U.V jeep, but a jeepney
With a bag full of money and the back full of honeys
But sadly, it’s still a dream
Jeepney as a limousine
Crowd got me jumping out like trampolines
Play money confetti!
Throwin' that shit right back at the show
We acting like we rich men but thats for the show
But really we’re broke, now that you know
We got your attention (woah!)
We getting there, please wait a minute
I'm tryna' know 'bout my upper limit
My hardest lyrics that ya’ll could listen
That could make your little world spinning
Like a fidget spinner, and make you say, "Fusr is my favorite"
I'm out

Repeat hook

Verse 4 (Mellow Marc):
Isolated don't come see me (never)
Medicated still haven't made it
No peso on my name
No Rollie my wrist
No Gt, or 1080 (yeah)
I got the shit got the wit
Don't give a shit, about your whip
We on this shit cause we lit
'Errybody gonn' listen
'Errybody gonn' spittin' (yeah)
Fire! Fire! from the kitchen (flames)
Errybody out the buildin '
Lookin' out in the distance
What's the mission, what's the vision?
Better watch out for the premonition


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