Fix Da World Up



This world is all mixed up, there's something going on

Any luck, blow it up


Verse 1:

What't that, what's this

I don't understand

Susie was a member of the high school band

Straight A student, she was kind of shy though

Riding on the bus to her home in the ghetto

Both parents gone, she lived with her brother

So she had to play the role of acting like a mother

Because everyday a couple years ago

Susie used to kick it with a fellow named Joe

No one special but she needed someone

So she went to Joe thinking he would be her loved one

But Joe was a player every day another girl

But Susie didn't know it so they went and took a whirl

And before she knew it, one month later

Susie got pregnant from Joe the baby maker

Joe said, "See 'ya, I wouldn't wanna be 'ya!"

"Yo gotta go coz I don't want to know"

What could Susie do now she has a boy

Working two jobs so she can buy him toys

Living everyday to try and do her best

At 14 she's dying from the stress



This world is all mixed up, there's something going on

We'd better fix it up, clean it up

This world is all mixed up, there's something going on

And with any luck we'll blow it up


Verse 2:

I gotta tell the facts, just the way that I see it

Fools with a habit using drugs just to feed it

First they experiment, then they want more

On the street corner like they're shopping at a store

Crack cocaine, is getting out of hand

They sell it by the vial, they sell it by the gram

It really don't matter if you're poor or you're rich

The rich get it quicker when they need to get a fix

The poor find another way so they can get dinero

Rob you on the sidewalk, they really couldn't care oh

Oh, no! Damn, another sucker taken

Another 20 dollars for a drug that they're craving

Shaking like an earthquake, thinner than a wire

Tell me is it worth for it for this deadly desire

Drug dealers laugh while they're killin' off their people

Police look the other way, so what if it's illegal

You can't do nothing if the cops got a payoff

Try to play a hero, get a permanent layoff

Brothers wanna quit, so they aim and pull the trigger

Bang! to the head, now they're just another figure


Repeat chorus


Verse 3:

Jews vs. Arabs, black against white

It ain't all about who's wrong or who's right

It's all wrong this song that I'm hearing

Killing over heritage is something that I'm fearing

Tearing up each other over color of face

Check the self destruction of the whole human race

Brothers lie dead just because of religion

Why does this happen yo it wasn't his decision

Children are born stuck in a category

Raised to hate each other yo it's just another story

About all the ignorance injected in the mind

It's just gonna get worse as we pass the time

Police beat an African just because he's black

Walk down the wrong street you're never coming back

It's on the wrong track this path that we're taking

Don't judge me on the music that I'm making

Just because we're Asian they say we can't flow

I'm out to prove you different and we're here to let you know

The world is mixed up and there's something going on

If you don't believe me, then you didn't hear this song


Repeat chorus (2x)


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