Gang Injunction

Prey For The Devil
Producer: OJ The Producer, DJ Phatrick

Verse 1 (Bambu):

Small caliber revolver in the kitchen drawer

In case you’re cooking scrambled eggs when they’re comin’ for ya

They’ll set you and your crew up quicker than a silent partner

Please don't spread the data that’ll signal police helicopters

You just tryna lay tortillas down on the open stove

Bunch of dirty pigs bust’ down your momma, momma home

Good thing that your momma gone, and you just cleaned the floor

So it's quicker when you run and slide right out the back door

It’s like six in the morn

You the victim in a war

Over monetary gain, you left your pistol in the drawer

Got you running in your drawers

Through your neighbor’s backyard (excuse me)

Find the fastest tree to climb and hide out till the pig’s gone

And now you living on the run again

Don’t know who your friends that reward

They slammin truth otherwise you’ll end up hungry and broke

Live in a country where they lock you up for people you know

That gang injunction


Hook (4x):

We live in a gang injunction

(Gang injunction, gang injunction)


Verse 2 (Bambu):

Ain’t allowed to be around your little cousin

Cus a cop will lock you up say you violate an injunction

Fuck ‘em, this is my block this is where I roam

Move into my building see the life when you call this home

You the type, tuck tail, bail, not the one I want

That’s why you a pig cus you could hide behind a badge and gun

Working class though, yeah I know you struggle too

But you should have moved to where you work and send your kids to school

Barrio I live in, peewees on the building

Whistle like a bird when the task force dippin’

Spray can hissin’

Krylon clickin’

I don’t know a gangster who would snitch for lyricism

I’d rather do raps about revolvers in the kitchen

In the spirit of a sit-in from an educated villain

Tryna function



We live in a gang injunction

(Tryna function, gang injunction)

We live in a gang injunction

(Tryna function, gang injunction)

We live in a gang injunction

(Tryna function, gang injunction)

We live in a gang injunction

(Tryna function, gang injunction)

You in the gang injunction


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