Intervention (feat. Los)

Producer: One3d

Chorus (Los):

Waiting for that one thing

Worried that it's come and gone

Can't be hung up on prophecies and promises

We all gotta move along

It's an endless journey

And often that's just enough

Constantly the weakness seeks to breach the lines

Know what to keep and leave behind


Verse 1 (One3d):

I sit on needles and pins, while i be gripping this pen,

Coz i can't even comprehend the proper way to begin,

You're hearing different voices -- all of which lead to your sins,

And made some difficult choices that you've regretted ever since,

And i know these thoughts don't make any sense,

Coz if they did i wouldn't speak on any of em if it's at your expense,

But to beat your demons deep within, instead of keeping them in

Gotta write them down on paper then toss em against the wind,

You gathered a couple habits that happened to help you cope,

But granted they did more damage and lead to losing control

Did what you can to not fall at the end of your rope,

So you're holding on to the happy memories on this slippery slope,

Coz when your soul is so insistent on raising up your defenses,

You're looking at the world through hazy and tainted lenses,

You end up thinking that you can tolerate any instance

Of unhappiness penetrating armors of your indifference --

But it takes a toll if you're too blinded to see

That it's denial in your heart with all the lies that you speak,

Look in the mirror and realize that the life that you seek

Is in the person that you thought you could be, that's why i'm


Repeat chorus


Verse 2 (One3d):

Because your mind is in the present but your heart's in the past

You'll be running around in circles, end up finishing last

And you're seeing foolish illusions of laughter after the struggle

And feeding into delusions that answers are in a bottle

It's a neverending cycle, even when sent to spiral

You're being kept in denial it's vital for your survival,

That's when a quick distraction becomes a cathartic habit

Then you wake up, and find yourself back to where you started

Keep saying it's recreation, but fact is you're staying dazed,

And you're out of words to say coz colors turned to shades of gray,

You should learn to take a break from the burning of mary jane,

It's time that you turn the page and look forward to better days

Coz you know you gotta choose what's the proper thing to do, but

Foolish pride's refusing your ego should never bruise up

But you can either lose, then brush the dust from your shoes,

Or dupe yourself into thinking that things will be better soon enough,

Maybe your time has passed, maybe your clock has stopped,

Maybe the ship has sailed while you were standing by the docks,

But you're gettin sick to your stomach of waiting in the corner

All i know's it's time to get your life in order, you're just


Repeat chorus


Bridge (One3d and Los):

Clinging to today, missing out on tomorrow

(When tomorrow still remains the last thing that you chase

And you forget your life is made of thirty thousand todays)

When sundown calls to return all you've borrowed

(The time you waste is opportunity's grave)

Will you cooperate?

(Or will you stay in your place?)

Just as much, the world won't wait


Repeat chorus


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