Rise of the Impaler

The Genocide Journals
Producer: Mic

Verse 1:

I hid in a shell, breathing in a subterranean cell

An apparition told me that I should be raising hell

So I emerged and merged with total darkness

Let the planet feel my wrath through my venomous pages

Experience Megadeth once you're entomed in an Iron Maiden

You're a Cannibal Corpse eaten by a Morbid Angel

Or just die from Suffocation after consuming Vomit Remnants

I'm a Behemoth viciously attacking the tenants

Sick minded, ressurecting demonic entities with every punchline

Leave you in a critical condition like b-boys breakdancing on landmines

It's your time to shine? Let me stab you in the eyes

Coz my paradise is the death of those I despise

I'm comprised of pure evil, lure people into the tabernacle

But end up getting pierced with daggers and barb wires


Chorus (2x):

A huge part of me died the darkside took over

Say goodbye to creation I'm destroying your sector

I used to be just like you, til I embraced death and gained power

A thousand years later I became the impaler


Verse 2:

Fear Factory, manufacturing insanity burn you to the 3rd degree

I have a twisted fetish on decaying bodies and butchery

I swim in the lake Bodom surrounded by severed arms

Humans suffering and begging those are my favorite songs

I was born, sleeping at the Cradle of Filth horrified and torn

Mummified and scorned until I embraced my destiny as a leader of a swarm

Of apocalyptic soothsayers who will dismember the spawn

Of false prophets, I hold the hatchet that will cut you open

Expose your true colors in the form of hemoglobin

You'll be buried alive in a Forgotten Tomb badly wounded

Haundted by my chants of doom while you smell the incense

Of insects as it consumes your once precious flesh

You're agony will be a never ending story without the fairy tale moments

Coz I turn happy endings into sickening sonnets


Repeat chorus


Verse 3:

In a fetal position I'll feed you with a lethal injection

Right into ya spinal cord where you explode with total precision

Watch your children, the boogeyman has resurfaced

You'll wake up seeing their body parts boiled on the furnace

Blades on your orifice, to see you paint the red carpet

You’re a superstar in my snuff film cinemas grasping for breath

Cut your life short like a snippet then rip it on the mic device

You'll come back to life only to feel inhuman pain twice

Coz I locked the gates of the afterlife, your trapped in my dungeon

Your fate is to succumb to the torment I've made

Your the savior of Hiphop? I agree with that statement you gave

Coz when you're blood spills, I consider hiphop saved!

Plazma - The Genocide Journals (2011):



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