The Genocide Journals
Producer: Skarm

Verse 1:

I was there during the seven days of genesis lurking in the shadows

I commanded the four horsemen of the apocalypse to wreck havoc on ya boroughs

Possessed all the kings and pharoahs during their historical reign

So when you speak of dominance always remember my name

An unseen force I traveled through a thousang minds

And while a genius writes a dope rhyme I dictated the lines

The epitome of darkness my teachings envision blackness

Murder tactics every slain human was just my target practice

A disease with no remedy call me godlike in a mic fight

False soldiers end up bleeding in battle but I remain upright

The educator of the black arts, I teach the slave to attack the beast

And give him superior strength that can disturb the peace

Chaos in the flesh I progress when disaster strikes

I absorb energy from sipping venom from a cobra bite

My method of execution a combination of physical and mental

Present you a nosebleeding premise then hack ya temple with a shovel


Chorus: (2x):

Black is my heart, I am nemesis

Another beautiful carcass, rotten and faceless

Black is my heart, I am nemesis

Rising from the subterranean personifying death verses


Verse 2:

My presence is synonymous to ominous

I am a 3rd eye vision guiding mad scientists

On their evil inventions an unholy apparition

Lifting magicians on their moment of levitation

An abomination... I give life to the butcher knife

As it cuts through skin my aura ignites

The sound of a swinging axe is just me whispering

I am the voices in your head that leaves you heavily bleeding

During the holocaust I applauded, a product of my anger

Every calamity that damaged the globe was just a training procedure

I come in many forms, all of which are predators

I can be an army of bees feasting on ya carcass

I can be an army of wolves aiming for your esophagus

Or I can be a sickness that will deprave the masses

Ending my existence is like ending your own

Coz I control ya everyday living like you in an enemy zone


Repeat chorus


Verse 3:

I am the scent of the devil's breath, the reason for your misfortune

The nail in your coffin, the appetite for destruction

The downfall of civilization, the rise of desolation

The reason for endless massacres, serial killers and unlawful executions

The pain that you can't stand, the sharp blade in your hands

The anguish you inflict, the opposition's retaliation plan

The slicing of your veins, the mind of the insane

The third world war, the negative emotions that tears you apart

The beating of your heart, the reason for your personal scars

The seven heads of the dragon, the leader of a rebellion

The poison of a serpent, the reality of your vision

The images that you see in your horrifying premonition

The enemy of the state, your worst fucking nightmare

I am nemesis come battle me in my fight lair


Repeat chorus

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