Hue For Ya
Producer: Pxyche

Been high, been low
Been shattered, been whole
Been a couple things in my life, been a bit bold
Been naked, been dressed
Been a clean slate for awhile, now my skin's full of ink holes
If you didn't know
I been bad, I been good
Did graduate, been hood
A little gradual, drink casually
Smoke actively, good buzz
Been this, been that
Been alive, been dead
Good ass, bend that
Ton a cash? spent that
I could be somewhere and someone in the world but I'd rather spend my time with you
Crazy how the mind is puzzle, full of rubbles, will you help me to go find some clues?
I'm too tired of philosophies, counting down prophecies, tell mе where to find the truth
Rathеr go see it cause talk is cheap, obviously, ain't that what god would do?
Tell me if these stars define me
Tell me if the love gon defy this gravity
Tell me if the trust is enough the show
What's behind the facade that's hiding
Coincidental or divine timing?
What's inside my mental it's quietly violent
Same questions, and to be honest
I'm tired of answering, I need some silence
I need some guidance, need realignment
I need a deep breathe, inhale it calmy
With every step, I'm walkin blind
I think I need a deep rest, undress my conscience
I need precautions, I feel exhausted
I need to vomit, release the toxins
I'm feeling nauseous, I'm feeling conscious
Need to weigh my options, I need more logic
I feel like it's just me wait
I feel like I'm too deep wait
I feel like i need sleep, 8
More hours, more problems, more commas
Appreciate your comments, but this is my sonnet
So shut your fucking when I'm speaking infront and
I think I'm wasting my time wishing to these comets
I think I'm wasting my time praying to these prophets
I think I'm wasting my time, I need a deposit
You could be somewhere and someone in the world but you'd rather spend your time consumed
Crazy how my mind always stumble infront of rubbles, but you always seem to find me clues
I think these philosophies, all of these prophecies, never seem to tell the truth
And if you ask me I'll obviously tell you that part of me's always been a little confused


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