Hometown: Olongapo
Reppin: Alpha Taktikah, G.R.S., Asyan Records
Division: Central Luzon
Year Joined: 2010

If there’s an award for the most hated emcee in FlipTop, it would definitely go to 2khelle. The rapper from Olongapo angered battle rap fans from all over the country after a highly controversial win over BLKD at the Gapo De Gulat event in 2010. Since then, he quickly became the subject of various online hate comments. Instead of succumbing to the negativity, 2khelle ignored the harsh remarks and continued battling in the league. No one can deny that his stage presence and creative jokes are always effective. He may have lost against Nico at Aspakan 1, but it was the match where he proved that he’s also gifted in freestyling. All you need is an open mind to fully appreciate him as a battle emcee.


Bogchick/Yelshawn vs 2khelle/El D'no

Grain Assault 4

Dos Por Dos 2013

2khelle vs Jojo

Ahon 4 (Day 1)


Nico vs 2khelle