Hometown: Quezon City
Reppin: Uprising
Division: Metro Manila
Year Joined: 2010

Arguably the most sinister voice in Philippine battle rap, Sayadd quickly made an impact at the very first Process of Illumination. His menacing delivery blends well with his intricate bars and rhyme schemes. He’s also renowned for his unpredictable angles, making even the most skilled freestyler struggle to come up with rebuttals.

Each battle of his is a must-see, but his clash with Frooz is a good introduction to his unique style. When he’s not in the battle arena, Sayadd makes hardcore bangers with his group Illustrado.


Sayadd vs Tweng

Ahon 12 (Day 2) Non-Tournament

Jonas vs Sayadd

Bwelta Balentong 7 (Day 2) Non-Tournament

Sayadd vs Ilaya

Ahon 10 (Day 1) Non-Tournament