• Hometown: 2200, 2110
  • Reppin: Indigo Friends, SKRMSHTRXXPZ
  • Division: Central Luzon
  • Year Joined: 2010

AKT, formerly known as Nico, is a FlipTop OG. He was part of the inaugural FlipTop event in Olongapo (Gapo De Gulat), taking on Sayadd. His first loss didn’t stop him at all from continuing his battle rap journey. After failing to get the W again versus Damsa, he worked on improving his pen game and came back with a vengeance. Nico started collecting impressive wins from the likes of Shehyee and G-Spot. Unfortunately, some controversial results from the first Gapo De Gulat event put a bad name not only on his hometown but on himself and the rest of the emcees as well. The overwhelming hate gave way to his AKT persona. AKT immediately became well-received thanks to his highly unorthodox approach to lyricism. His delivery, which is akin to a raving madman, adds more intensity to his controversial bars.

Battle rap is not the sole focus of AKT. He has released two full-length albums as well, namely “Personality in Disorder” and “Straight Outta System”. Both projects feature his uncompromising, take-no-prisoners style. AKT also has a book called “Peenoise”, which is a collection of short stories written by him. It’s independently published and can be bought on Shopee.


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