Sur Henyo

  • Hometown: Baguio City
  • Reppin: Pamilyari Ent, PKC, Rep The Hood Ent, Mensaheros, Hukbong Lirikal
  • Division: Metro Manila
  • Year Joined: 2015

Sur Henyo was part of the 2015 Process of Illumination in Central Luzon and his impressive showing was enough to get him a spot in FlipTop. He lost his first two battles, but was able to bounce back at the 2017 Isabuhay tournament. His improved pen game and delivery led him to the finals against crowd-favorite Mhot. Despite losing the aforementioned battle, he still managed to get the respect of battle rap fans and fellow emcees. Now, Sur Henyo is well-known not only for his technical bars and confidence but also for his clever angles.

The Baguio City representative took a break from battle rap in 2020 to focus on his clothing shop "Bad Crib" as well as his music. Finally, on November 2021, he released his debut solo mixtape entitled "2600 to 4118" The project is now available on YouTube.


Sur Henyo vs Kregga vs Batang Rebelde vs LilStrocks vs Bagsik

Ahon 13 (Day 2) Royal Rumble

Sur Henyo vs Plazma

Ahon 10 (Day 2) Non-Tournament

Sur Henyo vs J-King

Unibersikulo 7 Non-Tournament