Jid Durano
Producer: Jid Durano

Hook (5x):

Ain't no drug addict


Verse 1:

Why you gotta judge me?

Why you gotta judge me?

I been on the music

You be criticizing

Gotta dirty mind bruh

I'm just on the music

Based upon your judgement

Gotta quote this thinkers doers, damn!

Regrets with your whole life, inside the box

Gotta keys let me open up here's a new light

Is it because the music too loud?

Thinking me uneducated

I'ma repeat till you see light

Or is it the way I dress?

Let me put my suit and tie

Is you happy now you're seeing nice?

Your image are way too vivid

On a fairy tale brother

I'm just being like real life

Real life goals

Be true to your soul

Only god knows

What we really do

And you-you know that

Now you trying talk back

Saying that he lied, how'd you know that?

Is you really bias?

You misunderstood about how life evolves

Tellin' we



Addict (7x)

You be mocking say I'm crazy think you fascinated

Cannot be the same the way I think is way far different

Puttin' out work here's a song we just creative


Repeat hook (4x)


Verse 2:


I be on it, twenty-four seven

Until I prove you wrong, innuendo winning

And this is never about revenge

Try to free up your mind

Am I really dumb that I'm making this sick rhymes?

Shivers the skin bruh J-I-D big now

Proud is the fam but way back they be like addict yah

How can you live huh? Blame is on me huh?

Tellin me I be crawling on the ground but

How could you really tell me, all alone lately

Trying to make it but losing all the people I need

I've been thinking so deep how to do it

All around my head I knew-gotta keep going

Then we made just in time

Heads up never going back (thank god!)

But in the long run there's a lot ya'll

They be shouting out loud Jid Durano you're an...


Repeat pre-hook


Repeat hook (5x)


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