Beyond Measure

For My Daydream Dalliance
Producer: Joeplasma

Verse 1 (Kensa):

Once upon a moment, there's a rag and a rich

She's a true mademoiselle and I'm a master of wits

My lasting impression is I'm taken for a fool

By an out-of-league lady born with a silver spoon

I won't ever be in one of your fancy dinners

I was born with the disposition of a juvenile sinner

You got a steady life while I attract chaos

And you'd probably hate the stench of my self-induced napalm

Different planets but we met in one place

Found me worthy of your time, the distinction was erased

Pretended we had nothin goin 'cause you were conservative

But when we're alone, sweethearts in the wilderness

I beg your pardon for my tattered skinny jeans

But I hope your fam approves of my capabilities

A decent human being with proper discipline

I won't ever be elite, but I'm better than the super rich kids


Hook (Kensa) (2x):

I'm still working for my needs, she has everything she wants

Except for me, worth more than what she has on this earth

Found myself a treasure that can't be measured

If she would let me take her hand, it'll be my pleasure


Verse 2 (Soupherb):

Never thought that simplicity would best him

Was simply distracted 'cause she found her so different

For all his life he wore the popular kid label

Deep inside, he's looking for something more special

He got tired of his riches

The same old drinks, fun, and flirting with women

So he went soul searching, found her right away but hard to obtain

For he wasn't trained to connect to those who're not the same as him

Realised she's been there all along

But he was too busy at the other side

Decided to walk across, brought roses with thorns

And prepared a song to sing while looking at her eyes

Not easily amused, got him confused

Willing to tear himself apart just to be the guy

Barely gaining her trust, pushing as he tries

Looking like he's literally reaching for the sky


Hook (Soupherb) (2x):

She's still working for her needs, I have everything I want

Except for her, worth more than what I have in this earth

Found myself a treasure that can't be measured

If she would let me take her hand, it'll be my pleasure


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