Twilight Zone

For My Daydream Dalliance
Producer: Serena DC

Verse 1 (Soupherb):

Looking like he's staring across the street

One hand in his pocket, other holding cigarette

Rubbed his head on his forearm, mind on regret

Trying to figure out when they started losing steps

Spending his night flying solo

How many bottles more? It felt like a chokehold

Haven't stepped home since hours ago

But how is it home if love goes when heat blows?

Took flights to readers and hoes, how did she know?

Didn't give a damn anymore, she stormed off and he just let her go

Like the wife and kid replaced

'Cause one thought he needed a happy place

But it's still the same old phase in a different case with an older face

Definitely not like a few or twenty years back

Forced to squeeze out what's left in their tank

Sweeties, don't worry, take a rest

Mommy's still there struggling to do her best

She's taking them to grandma, too much stress

Instinct running on what to do next

But most likely too busy

Painfully reminiscing to pay attention

Missing that young guy with the sweet aggression

Well, guess those two occassions were trying to say something else

One, you're not meant for each qother

Two, I said you're not meant for each other

Thought of moving somewhere far with her mother

To rip the old and move onto the next chapter

Hoping that he won't come after her

Down on one knee to beg while playing father

Wondered why he didn't think of their daughters

Feeling too numb to show face, give closure


Verse 2 (Kensa):

Blood in the flowers of a perfect love abandoned

Passion's in the twilight zone of a night ocean

Broke apart when she pulled the intravenous drip

Now the prospect of forever is a broken pinkie finger

He contemplates his end, knowing he'd never get better

Penning a suicide note in the form of a love letter

Reconstructin all his bad patterns 'til she left

It felt the same as mourning for the loss of a friend

Consumed by the frenzy of his own codependence

She learned how to abandon when she's constantly abandoned

Now he's back to smoking away a pack and half a day

And he embraced the alcoholic daze as his default state

Just one night lost all of its magic

They were destined to be incinerated sungrazing comets

Burn the photographs 'cause I don't want you in my head

If the full eclipse is matrimony bleeds itself to death

I know that you're exhausted to love and be unloved

And I confess to the crime, I know it can't be undone

I'm sorry that I lacked the needed courage to accept

What I took for granted, now you had the courage to reject

The language of romantics is lost in translation

We only said "I love you" as a way of our tradition

Exploited all my sorries 'til you got accustomed with apologies

That it's no longer an essential part of me

Leave me in this rotting condition that I deserve

I'm not supposed to feel alive at the mercy of your words

Spoken tragedies turned taciturn

Now the photographs are burning to the point of no return

I am setting you free into the moonlight

Take flight with those angelic wings, forgiveness ain't divine

And as the moon rises in the quiet of the night sky

The promise of eternity vanished for a lifetime

Don't resuscitate me with your cryogenic lasers

Let me plunge into the realm of my psycho-fatalism

All remaining light is snatched away by the shadows

I can no longer hear the singing of the dead sparrows

Forsaken by the universe who never gave an answer

As to why I shouldn't be the victim of this cancer

It's the first stain since our immaculate conception

The little demons in my head declared an insurrection

And I'm trapped in despair with pain and affliction

So suspend me in the air and execute my crucifixion

Set the cross on fire 'til the ashes turn black

There is no final revolution that'll end in getting her back

Now I'm all alone in what was once a happy home

Ten years of marriage, no shit is set in stone

In the end, I'm just a name scribbled in her death note

What was once a livewire, what is now a dead ghost



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