Memento (feat. FOSSILS & DB)

For My Daydream Dalliance
Producer: Tatz Maven

Verse 1 (Kensa):

I'ma take us all back to the golden summer chapters

Drifting back to when we craft origamis of oleanders

Getting drenched in the pitter-patter of the drizzle

Dibble-dabble with the games and tittle-tattle on the trees

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers and some pebbles

We all made a mess of puppy love and kitten litters

Architect our neighbourhood's map with hidden treasures

But the best of all was how we fell in love beyond measure


Verse 2 (FOSSILS):

Like intuition, our situation in abstraction

An attraction of soul mates integrated by fate

Day to day, we radiate, runnin while intoxicated

Laughing maniacs aggravated

Them folks and we got scolded

Talkin bout what he said, she said

Smell of green grass touchin our heads

Sunrise to sunset isn't when our day ends


Verse 3 (Soupherb):

Remember paper night or should i say the green light

To cherish our lives, couldn't afford to spoil the good times

Moonlight to sunrise, with bottles or warm cups

Toasting eye to eye, out of fear of bad bumps

We always never had enough so add the speakers turned up

Then stargazing 'til we doze off,

Get awakened by the sunshine, greeted by smiles

Small things that took us miles away


Verse 4 (DB):

I'm staying with the riddles and the happy meals and giggles

Riding bikes, singing holy night and other christmas jingles

Gumamela bubbles and dirtcakes, a checkmate

Running coming home to closed gates, I'm home late

My childhood memories my favorite to reminisce

In love, and faith, and hope, we're nothing but generous

All smiles like the world was full of cameras

It's just family and friends, no etceteras


Verse 5 (Kensa):

The rusty old swings and the little kept secrets

The ghost stories and the jump scares in that sequence

The toy box and red balloons in the air

The bullies and the crushes, the fostering of care


Verse 6 (Fossils):

Circling on the merry-go round

Crying in laughter was our dear sweet sound

It's been all fun and games, nights were our days

Glistening gaze on grins upon the summer haze


Verse 7 (Soupherb):

How did it feel like? I have to remember

Living as sixteen or younger

Pockets filled up as we grew older

Wish to drop the now and stay young forever


Verse 8 (DB):

The innocence is evident, there's beauty in every element

Seeing symbolisms in the rhythm is the sentiment

Sitting through collisions and missions now I'm grown

Take me back to timezones, a silent glimpse to my home



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