Smoke & Mirrors

For My Daydream Dalliance
Producer: Rawcuss the Instrumentalist

Chorus (Serenata) (2x):

Smoke and mirrors

I hope it's clear that I ain't over here

To play games with you and pull your triggers

'Cause we're supposed to steer the boat and stay afloat

'Til the coast is clear

But you got me craving for your whole figure


Verse 1 (Soupherb):

Love turned into a daily routine

Missing them as teens like a grass lost its green

They have nothing new to bring, lovebirds stopped singing

From a single to two beings, but still living

Together, just that he had to find his heart new shelter

For his can no longer handle stormy weathers

Always trying to remember the spring and summer

So he tried to look for it from another

Called her everyday and always acted like it's their last day

Slowly swaying away from the reality he plays

Each day is eating him bit by bit

A rollercoaster ride down to the jaws of his conscience

Kicking in is man's science but he can't justify this

A sudden change of perspective of what love is

First time feeling is timeless

So he replaced the old with new promises


Repeat chorus


Verse 2 (Kensa):

I met this daffodil one night on occasion

I couldn't exhale out of exhilaration

We both didn't have friends at the party

So we ended up conversin 'bout jazz and the art scene

Left together without sayin adios

Blast De La Soul on the way back home

The heart skipped the beat of the drum break

'Cause this is where the "que paso" becomes "te amo"

I'm a sober fella who didn't want the toxic

But you insisted that we get a glass of gin and tonic

With the sativa blendin our saliva in the chronic

We had a mealy-mouthed kiss, shit, I could swear it was platonic

Down to sin a little bit despite our own commitments

But we refused to listen to the whisper of temptation

We ended with a friendly kiss

Now I ain't gon kiss and tell, the opposite of it:

I tell a girl before I kiss them


Repeat chorus


Additional instrumentation by: Kevin Algozo


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