Daydream Dalliances

For My Daydream Dalliance
Producer: KMG



We are Kensa and Soupherb

Writers' Block, Latent Labrats

Romantic tales

This is our daydream dalliances


Verse 1 (Kensa):

Even the loneliest soul can overdose in jubilation

An arrow to the heart plunges me in rumination

I was spellbound by her fluent cadence

Illuminated with a luminous radiance

We walked in dreams together like we're astronauts in space

Lucid dreams gave us a pair of wings to play

So we zoomed into the sky and sat on top of the moonlight

Stared as the sunrise split the two skies

I was a whippersnapper, just your average student

While she dazzled on the top, glowing in the translucence

Brilliance of the mind, the desire for coalescence

Scintillates like a firefly's bioluminescence

Graced with the body language of a constellation

Every moment we embraced was a neutron star collision

Stargazing lightyears away when we were dust

I pray the stars gaze back once the light reaches us


Chorus (Serenata) (2x):

I don't believe in destinies and petty meant-to-be's

Fantasies and memories, it's ecstasy like mescaline

A frenemy to spend with for eternity

The feminine premonition tends to bring the best in me


Verse 2 (Soupherb):

No idea how she remains ideal

Lullabies or humming tunes to rock our cradles

Speaks with conviction for our awareness

Living so she can reach out for the unfortunate

Don't mistake this for obsession

But a need is felt to watch her save this world and blossom

Her presence forces me to give an impression

Inspires me to work, be her inspiration

It's impossible

But feels like I'm winning to scream anything is possible

I'll be her champion, questing with her guiding me

She's my trusty lantern radiating like the sun's rays

Reason why my heart stays warm

Her principles has kept me alarmed

Helps us to keep ourselves safe from harm

So at the end of the day, she can sing me another song

A way to rest during the calm before storms


Repeat chorus


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