Der Todesking

The Impaler EP
Producer: KMG

Verse 1:

14 years of microphone mastery and still I keep it raw

My voice turns an MPC into an Ouija board

A demon spawn, one mission, see your legion fall

976 Evil I never missed a call

Slithing your wrists is soft, I prefer mangling your arms

You'll die fast in a battle like a pacifist in 'Nam

Ancient and modern torture devices, all found in my murder set

Ya'll look up to Kanye, I look up to Herbert West

Easily murk the best, I'm immune to verbal threats

Plazma's a true destroyer, leave you a nervous wreck

If you tell me to burn in hell, I'll respond with a thank you

Plus a pat on the back and then after that I'll shank you

I dare you to pass through, the house of the demented

You'll see rotting cadavers impaled on my picket fences

This is your death sentence, I provide the exclamation point

All heads will roll when you bump this evisceration joint


Chorus (2x):

To all the real emcees, get the fuck up

Let's take it back to 1993 bring the ruckus

And for you wack muthafuckas, it's the start of your ending

all hail to the king, Der Todesking


Verse 2:

Your entire fortress, I'll be hitting hard with my warheads

Ladies love me, they call me the Prince Charming of Darkness

Like GG Allin on moshpits, beware when I go berzerk

I rhyme intergalactic, putting you in a world of hurt

Your soul is cursed, once you press play it's your death day

You'll only make real art when the blood from your neck sprays

And on the next day, there will be another body murdered

At night it's Judgement, bringing forth total disorder

I'm from the darkest corners, the exact opposite of Zion

I'm the reason why these kids sleep with the lights on

Maestro of fight songs, fuck all these medicore spitters

First round my arms transfrom into BOA constrictors

Jack the Ripper is now in Manila the mandible splitter

Don't you dare clash with a killer, your tracks are all filler

Even the most savage contenders they all pull back and surrender

Won't stop hacking your features till they announce me the winner


Repeat chorus


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