Weapon Specialist

The Impaler EP
Producer: Kensa

Verse 1:

Stab you with a pitch fork, to satisfy my gruesome nature

Watch me empty a banana clip, those are my fruits of labor

Certified ruthless slayer, cut through you with razors

Then I'll drown you in a barrel while I hit you with tasers

Or put you on a chokehold and stick scissors through your nasal

Slice you with a kitchen knife, from the torso to the cranial

I bathe my blades in snake venom so every wound is fatal

Visit your grave then spray AKs as your tomb's decaying

I'm on the loose deranged, no need to put a hockey mask

Look into my eyes before I hack you with my shaprened axe

My shit is hard to grasp, when you're hanging from the gallows

I'll rain down on your entire kingdom with poison arrows

Wires from pianos, ripping your flesh in every direction

It's Dr. Death on call, equipped with rusty injections

Venomous since day one, the most lethal no question

I just bodied this verse using different types of weapons


Chorus (2x):

Explosives, knives, axes, pliers

Sickles, scalpels, chainsaws, hammers

Chains, hooks, guns, and a mic

Whatever weapon i use you better run for ya life!


Verse 2:

Blood-soaked shogun, swing swords with my Killarmy

Then I'll use a hundred shurikens to decorate your body

The supplier of Gotti, my firearms never run out

When I bust my Smith N Wessun every crew will duck down

I'm on the hunt now, my metal spear is what your head is for

One false move and you'll be preying for the preadtor

Strike with excessive force, using spiked brass knuckles

Kick in the door, I got C4 in my calf muscles

You lackluster, you'll never last with the wrath bringer

My Mack10 divides and subtracts, I'm a math wizard

You can never rap iller, my machete is in your vocal cords

And when the shrapnels blast it will penetrate the Trojan horse

Represent the horrorcore, like I emerged from the forest

Decimate your clan with a hook and I don't mean a chorus

Time to sleep in a coffin, whos next in this murderous session?

I just bodied this verse using different types of weapons


Repeat chorus


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