The Impaler EP
Producer: Dosage

I ignored the warnings, seemed like you got me on a chokehold

Even your friends and fam told me to leave you coz you so cold

And it all happened in slow mo, making it more painful

The way I faced reality, it slowly made me unstable


You so ungrateful, and up to now I still dwell on the fact

That you made me look stupid, fuck you cupid, I'm taking it all back

So here's the story, hope ya'll be patient as I go back to the roots

For this was the day where I learned how to handle the truth!


It was a cold night, mid July, I saw her after a long time

She ignores me online yet she greeted me with a warm smile

So I thought everything's alright, asked her how she was doing

She said work was time consuming and bigger things she's now pursuing


Then I calmly asked her, has she moved on with her ex?

In a strange tone she answered yes, she couldn't handle the stress

So I told her I was proud of her, but she couldn't look me in the eye

I asked about the flowers I gave her, but I never got a reply


Then she stood up and went outside, so I had to decide

If I should consult her, but I don't want drama so I relied

On instinct, it's probably one of her gimmicks the mind games

Nothing has changed, still the manipulatin' bitch holding the chains


Ready to tie me up with her emotions then she'll leave me hangin'

She the reason why i think this whole love shit is hopeless

Now let's go back to the story, i eventually followed her

Offered my helping hand but something seems to bother her


Tears suddenly burst, then she left, no use when I tried calming her

But i quickly gained composure, I don't want no part in this

I just went back to my business, and said fuck her feelings

But after a few more beers, it once again sparked my interest


So i called up her friend, maybe I can have some answers

The truth emerged without warning like some sort of cancer

Suddenly it all made sense that's when I started losin my mind

She has something hidden inside, shouting and cryin inside


it's been there for 3 months, and i never got a hint of it

I remember getting really sick of it, but instead of going all out

I stared at the moon silently cursing at the clouds

The situation that she's facing, is something she can't undo


The father is her ex and she's still in love with that dude

Years of physical and mental abuse, but she's still crazy for him

The bastard even denied the child leaving her completely broken

And it all happened, while I'm trying to charm my way through her


They were busy fucking, while I'm composing the greatest love letter

Such a slap in the face, I couldn't even rhyme and shit

Instead of composing classics, all I wrote was die you bitch

Her clique suggested abortion, but she instantly refused


I just hope when the child is out, you'll know what to do

No more of those one night stands, no more unlimited booze

You're a mother now, don't let the kid be just like you

And as for the dad, I hope you'll eventually reconsider


It's your seed you motherfucker, it deserves a brighter future

And as for myself, I know pretty soon that I will move on

It will prolly happen after I'm done with this song

Did I ever see her again? Never, not a single update as well


I'll leave with a thank you for my making my life a living hell

The moral of the story... If you fall, expect to get hurt

And don't assume everlasting love just coz she flirts

Pick someone who's not only beautiful, but also honest and smart


Or else you'll learn about the truth and it'll rip you apart

And it will rip you apart... (4x)



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