For My Daydream Dalliance
Producer: Kensa

Chorus (Kensa):

Dear little little miss daredevil

Let me slice you up quick and have a bite on your cherry

I know you hate them insecure kids

Well understand that I ain't the least bit selfish and romantic 'cause

I ain't the type to objectify

Plus I bet that I can serenade you with the sweetest lullaby

So dear little little miss daredevil

I'll be an angel if you let me taste your own skin


Verse 1 (Kensa):

I'm in a crazy rollercoaster ride

Upon arrival, I was captivated by this social butterfly

She had the eyes of the devil

It was needless to say I was enticed by the peril that she posed

Wanna see beyond her clothes

From the lack of adipose to the magic in her bones

But I don't wanna be painted as an elitist

So I'll pretend and use the wisdom of pretentious feminism

To get into her pants, maybe

I can appreciate the intellectual vanity of a strong-willed lady

Didn't wanna be enchanted by her pheromones

But I'll return the trust if she allows me to take her home

Overloaded serotonin, froze unopposed

Vulnerabilities exposed

A little too late to step back and reconsider

The fact that she's a killer lady who would kill a ladykiller


Repeat chorus


Verse 2 (Kensa):

Quicksilver hair, fixation on drugs

Pixelated eyesight, a pack of pixie dust

A table full of ashes of the cigarette butts

And the touch that would activate the long suppressed lust

Convert the lack of sex drive into nymphomania

My little man started craving for the labia

Magnified intensely by the buzz of the booze

To hugs and to smooch 'til I smash on the cooch

I'm a lowkey misogynist but she don't have to know

I done it with the rest, this ain't a challenge to a pro

My confidence won't shatter at the heat of the moment

Got that bitch locked down, it's a breeze in the ocean

Take her to a love hotel to make a song

Write a composition that completes the beat's overtones

Arithmetic’s of rhythm spliced into the tempo

So in one full swing, the eruption crescendos

Now the mood is all set for the show

The curtains have opened, it's time to play roles

She opted to be master while I'm scorned to be the slave

She never was the type to be the princess to be saved

So we entered the arena without an ounce of reservation

It's an all-out war declaration

Flaunted my katana but she seemed unimpressed

Deflected my offence until I'm openly undressed

Now we started fencing with our tongues and our blades

Upshifted my gear to go faster in the race

I was about to come around and finish first place

When she pulled a knife and...


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