For My Daydream Dalliance
Producer: Kensa

Verse 1 (Soupherb):

Do you appreciate the beauty of these vibrations

All over you, setting you in motion?

Let your soul ride the waves, close your eyes and escape

From the craze brought by this world's chaotic maze

I took the road back in '11 and I wasn't wrong

My desire to be strong fuels the same waves

Embarked on a never-ending journey

To share music across every frequency

Found my right kind of heaven, I flee

And stay high, smoke-free, whenever I'm writing

Found peace in isolation with the beats

Repelling the demons that I have to keep on facing

But every now and then, I have to wake up

Get off the ride just for a moment

And put the volume down to face this tangible world

So I tap to keep playing music its movement


Verse 2 (Kensa):

I know life is meaningless, but music doesn't make it futile

A picture's worth a thousand words translated for its beauty

But these words create worlds that a picture can't fulfill

So imagine the magic when sounds and stories are fused

The symphony induces a recurring dreamscape

Of infinitely floating in a reverie to deep space

Evoking the impression of the dilation of time

In which the mind simulates a skydive to cloud nine

Addictive than all kinds of "smoke-high" like cess,

Or stress-relieving cigarettes and self-depleting crystal meth

Best believe it's medicine administered

For us to replenish the energy lost in servitude and serfdom

It encompasses all ranges of emotions

A concentration of the most insane form of madness

The paradox of melancholic tunes uplifting moods

Offering prismatic views to a colourblind world


Verse 3 (Soupherb):

Wasn't always about money, girls, and killing

Others picture stories of how one is living

To encourage you to understand different ideas

Perspectives or actions done at a moment in time

You can hear it in the rhymes, surrender to the vibe

Both encased in the sounds that travel in free space

Float with what you hear, imagine what was written

Decrypt the message, the essence of the music

I live in a world where there is life in afterdark

My mind ran by a lab rat looking for a spark

Trying to add scenery to what I call my paradise

A sandbox filled with my imagination

It exists for the purpose of writing tales

Ready to set sail 'cause I'm about to deliver

My truth, one that I believe would set one free

From the blindness inflicted upon by this reality


Verse 4 (Kensa):

Rap's an instrument to be expressive vocally

Hip hop is far from dead, just look around your local scene

From the jazzy instrumentals influenced with trap

To the left-field lyricism paired with somber boom-bap

I remember the good times when I was a student

Saving just enough to cop the latest album set

And coming home with just a torn 20 Peso bill

But with food for the soul that compensates for every skipped meal

All sharing their stories, each a colour in the palette

Whether art for its own sake or a purpose, it's valid

My ultimate intention is to empathise

So it's enough when one listener approaches you for being mesmerised

Art creates balance in relation to science

Like the relative theory of space and time being unified

Where space is consumed by the canvas of the painting

And time is spent zoning in to the richness of the soundscape



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