Dickies Black Chucks

Party Worker
Producer: Ro Blvd



Got that Old Spice paste in my hair, yeah

And in my eyebrows too

G shit, bang


Ok Phat, this is take two


Verse 1:


Do he not know who he fuckin' with?


He must like harm

I'm saying my dawg "Do he know who he fuckin' with?"

I got the alarm

And got the night guard

As soon as he rushin

There's fishing line across the door

Soon as he triping he slide on the floor

I take out the chrome I say man hol' up

Better you keep your ass down on the floor

I am not here to bring you any pain

I just came up with the get some backpay

In the break room, you know my face (you know my face bruh)

I know you tripping

You got a kid in school

And those bills from the college are high (way high)

You just remain cool

And I get you a couple of stacks between you and I

Now it's the safe, easy (easy)

I've been back here slaving my shifts

And my boss is dumber than fuck, when he open it up

I memorised all of the clicks

Six left, nine right, five twice, clap thrice

Spin, handle to the left

Now we celebratin' for the night

In my...


Hook (4x):

Dickies black chucks, black hoodie, and a beanie


Verse 2:

The homies over at Macy's (what up bruh?)

And they runnin' scams on a daily

They can see money's a movin'

But that don't reflect in none of their wages

So, the homie will ring you up for a pair of socks and validation

You walk out with half a stack worth of that

Name brand fashion

Got you name brand bangin'

Goin' cocain slangin'

While the ones who born to money lookin' down in distaste

I ain't say shit I AK

I put cotton my face

Shotgun buck shots, three a crate?

Clearance sale

Now I ain't suggesting you rob your job

I am suggesting you talk to your boss (hey let me talk to you real quick)

And say, you don't treat me like I am a family man

And I'm taking off into your jaw

I'm sayin' it's class work

It's bad grades

And we work hard for unjust pay

And that congress man who rep your state

Got a twenty grand check to lock you away

So I say, do what it may

This for these kids, and DTLA

They make a million dollars off a slave

So my uniform of the day

Gon' be...


Repeat hook



Give me the cash, open the dope in the bag, grab all the money and dash (4x)

Give me the cash, open the dope in the bag, grab all the money and dash (7x)

Give me the cash, give me the give me the cash (2x), give me the cash

Open the dope in the bag

Dickies black chucks black hoodie and a beanie (4x)

Dickes black chucks black hoddie, my weeny



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