Welcome To The Party

Party Worker
Producer: DJ Phatrick

Verse 1:

It go rrrang, oh man

Welcome to the party

Bolo and an AK

Holy when I prey on those prey on those who pray for better wages AK rrrang-rrrang

Came from the same bloodline as Andres

General Apoy in a tactical vest

Ready for whatever type of shit we catch next

Never been afraid of no badge, bruh

Two police - that's a match up

I just came to make it all even

Because the field's uneven and we're living in the last, bruh

A rebel of a devil in a dodger hat

They're killing our people we go hard for that

1-8-9-8 until we're finished with that

Don't let her pretty face fool you

She's going to hit you with that!



Rrrang-rrrang oh man

Power to the people (3x)

Bambu where the fuck you find these crazy Filipinos?



I come from the same bloodline as gangbangers and crooks

The same bloodline as those who took up the frontline with all the Huks

And Katipunan una yun sa pag barilan kailanman

I am Bam

Down to fight, pare, ilan - bring them on


Verse 2:

What you thought this was a little okie doke

A little woopty woop? Cool story, bro

This ain't no motherfucking joking this is overthrow the recognition the ignition ain't in your control

And I already know I'm better than the bulk of these rats

So I don't spend a lot of time trying to convince you of that rap pap pap pap put a hole in your brain

Throw in a little bit of wisdom

Fill it back up again

It's like rrrang, oh man

Welcome to the party

I can't call nobody when these banks is trying to rob me

Fuck it light a match

Fuck it throw a match

Fuck it let it burn

Fuck it, homie, brrrrrrraaaat...


Repeat chorus and bridge


Verse 3:

I heard they're getting down down in Mindanao

Rifles in the street is their hand me down's

Shower me in rubble when it crumble down

Yellin' "shut the fuck up Bam they listenin' now!"

In desperation they'll do anything to keep with the crown

While we burning down the castle make a thunderous sound bang bang!

They do what we're doing to survive

Making money off our lives whether suffering or dying

They shoot children in our hood

They police us on the block

And the system's for the cops, so they ain't tripping when we shot

I got that Los Angeles slang talk

California thorough from the old block

Oldies in your uncle rex's CRX

While he was turnt off of shabs at your aunt's spot

Grimlock, I'm dumb rock

Hip hop wita little bit of click pop

My clique got a bunch crooks in it, homie, fuck with it

Remember click pop?

And let it burn - fire fire we don't need no water

Mi molotov - fire fire we don't need no water



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