Day One

Party Worker
Producer: Nphared


It's time to go to work

It's time to go to work

It's time to go to work

Get up and go to work

It's time to go to...

It's time to go to work


Verse 1:

It's day one

That's how long I've been about the struggle

I came out of my mama half a dollar short wearing a muzzle

And I told that doctor put your hands on me again it's trouble

I should tell you I don't fuck around

I'm all about the struggle

The struggle to get up and do a job

Where they don't compensate you proper when you work so fucking hard

Something hard over your speakers I could hold you down correct

Nothing minimal about it Nphared ready set

Time to party like the sea levels are rising by the day

Time to party like their changing our climate, man-made

It's a party we gonna finally gonna take a shot and make it count

Where we ain't got to work a double to keep payments on the house

The wealthy verse the poor it's class war

If you gonna background check me anyway

What the fuck you asking for

It's the landlord verse the tenant

Grab your rifle, your machete

Let's get it homie



It's time to go to work

It's time to go to work

Oh, we gonna make that asa work



Verse 2:


It's day one

I didn't hit my mark, it's time to rally

Overalls over my kakis, the tradition of our daddy's

Call my union rep, tell em I've got issues with my boss

And if he question me again I'm balling fists and taking off

But it's the myth I've got to deal with when that kickstarter review

A bunch of thirsty broke fucks with hands out

The IRS gonna take it's cut, that's 20 percent off top

Then the site gonna take it's cut, that's like 30 out of the pot

And I'm cutting cheques to make that LP, shit ain't cheap

Charity and all that beneficiary shit ain't me

I'm from a street where you get beat for trying to beg

I'm trying to keep myself above the water

They keep pulling on my legs

But I get it

If I saw someone accessible as I

make a fourty K advance I would be like uhhhh

Let me hold some money for my rent

Nothing minimal about it

Nphared ready set



Let's go to work


We gonna make that ass work

It's time to go to work


Outro (5x):

It's the first day of the work week

Get up early grab a coffee

Ready to party to make me a penny

And fill up our belly for baby and mommy

We gonna work

We gonna work


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