Producer: AL-1 and BoJam

Verse 1:

Let me tell you about a girl who's so damn fine

I remember her well like an old ass rhyme

She had a body all thick, yeah, looking like a goddess

True story, and I couldn't be more honest

Damn, the way she lick her lips and shake her hips

It makes me want to taste this chick

And when she say hello, I swear, she trying to tease me

The last time we spoke she was buying my CD

3rd World Girl, you know she down to ride

She only recognize real and push clowns aside

Satisfaction guaranteed, you know I got what you need

I'm that rapper with swagger rocking the beat

Next time, I see her I'ma know what to do

Buy her a drink, then she gonna roll with my crew

Holler back, homegirl, for some late night action

Whatchu doing tonight? Let's make it happen



Baby, whatchu doing tonight?

'Cause I've been thinking 'boutchu

Baby, I'mma make you feel right

If you just tell me to so, girl

So, baby, won't you see me tonight?

Oooh, let's do what lovers do

Tonight, tonight, tonight

Baby girl, let's do it tonight


Verse 2:

aero. The Microphone pharaoh, feel the FlipMusic

On the grind all the time, and I gotta get moving

Time is money, I got my mind on honey

If I ain't in my city, I'm in another town or country

We can take a trip to the island in Negros

Chill on a beach with a bottle of Red Horse

She follows me on Twitter and she likes me on Facebook

AL-1, ayo, thanks for the great hook

Yeah, I got a banger for the clubs (yeah)

Yeah, I got an anthem for the thugs (yeah)

Yeah, I got a jam for the ladies

And that's why these playas steady hating

But back to the subject, she got me with one text

And them other girls angry, mad, and upset

Holler back, homegirl, for late night action

Whatchu doing tonight? Let's make it happen


Repeat chorus



Baby, whatchu doing tonight?

I ain't seen you in nearly two nights (two nights)

Baby, whatchu doing tonight?

Tonight, me and my crew rocking the mic (rocking the mic)

Baby, whatchu doing tonight?

Tonight, drink up a brew and hop in my ride (in my ride)

Baby, whatchu doing tonight?

You ready to go, meet me outside


Repeat chorus (2x)


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