Bad Burn
Producer: Serena DC


You want it all

You want it now

You want it fast and quick

You want it instant

All you wanted was to fucking click

To fucking click (aye) 4x


Verse 1:

You mothafucka think everything is so easy

Writin weak rhymes, dressin up like Yeezy

Actin like a bitch to get the nods in a breeze-y

Machiavellian game, but your team is losin

You like big numbers but you never do math

You're a downward slope when I write you in a graph

You wonder why you're laughed at? You're a fucking joke

You can choke on your delusions of grandiose

And you boast, like you own all of these

You’re nothing but a pesky disease

Faker than your peers, they’re plastic

Everything you do is inorganic

You think you're hot but you're not

So better shut the fuck up, bitch

Suckin up like a leech

To get some credit so you better shut the fuck up bitch

Before you start yappin, go write a full album

Stop talkin bout stars you're not fucking sagan

So why are you frontin? You don't have the leisure

Releasin this work before yours, have a seizure!


Repeat hook


Verse 2:

You think you're poppin' cuz you have it viral

When the fever stops, you're a non-potent bacteria

Applying heat gets you easily killed We watch you shrivel beneath

Sweep you with ease, you're smaller than dirt, you will only get hurt when you're messin' with me

Run, run, and you're gone gone

Watchout for my bullets they can make you go pow pow

And you're dead now

Like your dreams are

I'm a scimitar

Slicing down your throat

Like I'm fuckin Darth Maul

So stop with the lyin, or find yourself lyin

6 feet underground, you'll not gonna like it

Why you keep demanding, but do not go grindin?

So quit with the bitchin, the world's not forgiving


Repeat hook



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