Across the Rubicon

Bad Burn
Producer: Serena DC

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror, tryna make sense of all the noise you've been hearin?

Look into my eyes and see I'm disturbed, voices in my head are screamin'

I've been meaning to get out of this place, get out of this curb

Get out of this daze, my days are absurd

I'd tried to recoup, but the world is a mess

Worse than my head, and it's adding more stress

Do you ever feel like you're watching everything while your body's dead, but your head's floating and you feel like the world's unfolding but you're falling behind?

You can't seem to follow, you're stuck in a bind that you did yourself, trying to undo, reachin' out for help

But everything you do, takes you back from the start again

Then you realize, you're stuck, never reach the end

Lookin at the mirror, have you asked yourself "where to begin?"

Trying to stop an eruption

Underneath my skin is corruption

From afar, I've been gazing at these people concealed with masks of laughter, makes me wonder what they're hidin'

Must be something terrifyin

What is it that they feel? Running 'round in circles, chasing idols, they don't know what is real

Then it goes, and it goes, and it goes

Everyday, they follow after ghosts

They be acting like they're going with the flow

(but) it's all for show, it's all for show

Trying to stop an eruption

Underneath my skin is corruption



It's all the same

Trying to escape this wretched loop

It's all a dream, and it's too late


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