Hometown: Valenzuela
Reppin: Hiphop22
Division: Metro Manila
Year Joined: 2010

Apekz first appeared at the inaugural Second Sight event, where he took on Harlem in a freestyle battle. He may have lost his FlipTop debut, but he quickly made an epic comeback at Ahon 1, outrapping Snatch for three rounds. From there, Apekz continued his ascent to the top. Apart from his creative jokes, he also became famous for his intricate multis and effective “real talk” bars.

Fans will certainly have different opinions about his best performance in the league, but no one can deny that his match with Badang is where he showed his versatility in battling. Apekz also achieved success in music with his solo album “Ala Una”, which was released in 2017 on Spotify.


Apekz vs Goriong Talas

Unibersikulo 9

Isabuhay 2021

Apekz vs MastaFeat

Bwelta Balentong 8

Isabuhay 2021

Apekz vs Bagsik

Second Sight 9

Isabuhay 2021