Say What Again

Bad Burn
Producer: Serena DC

Verse 1:

It started off cool

Madly in love like two fools

We didn't think about it, we didn't have rules

Fire in our hearts, and we're burning all the fuel

Smoking till we drop, until the sun's up

Coppin' all them bitches, thought we never gonna stop

You're the Vincent of my Jules where the flying fuck is Wallace (what?)

Nothing really matters when we got love and dollas

It's downhill from here

You started making rules I didn't want to adhere

We were havin fun but you wanted to steer

away from all the things we love, and downshift a gear

When things turned sour, I always find escape

On every crunch hour, you were always late

You wanted me to wait, while I'm doing all the grind

You thought that I left but you're the first to leave me behind


Chorus (2x):

I'll be okay

I have to find myself

To be a better girl


Verse 2:

I don't even know where to start again,

Pouring through a pen, feelings that I went through then

Asked myself, when will I get over?

Searching everywhere just to look for answers

Finding myself up on witching hours

Burning things up that we once called "ours"

Fuck this shit, I don't care anymore

Hand me the gun, and close the door


Repeat chorus (2x)



I’ll be okay (4x)



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