Monday (feat. WYP and Bedsettler)

Bad Burn
Producer: Serena DC


So, its been a while since I thought about this deeply

I've put this off long enough

You gotta, you gotta, listen to me clearly

I finally wanna get off this road

Ain't stickin no more with someone who's slowing me down

I heard you loud and clear

That I ain't who I used to be,

I guess that's true, but how the fuck is that my fault

That my growth made u feel like I left you,

Aren't you supposed to grow too?

Holdin' your hand, so I could share the weight you been carryin'

I never hesitated 'til you decided to not move at all, wasn't that your call?



You stepped into my world full of expectations

Built an image suited to your desires and vision

Tryna morph me to a person under your directions

But why do I feel like I do not know where I’m goin'

I’m chasin, and chasin', when you said you were stayin'

You’re ahead of the race, where I’m not participating

Dust on my face, while you poppin bottles of champagne

I sit on the bench, watching you, the highlight of the game

And now you telling me that you’re leaving for the best of us?

I know you’re leaving me cus you think that I’m a hindrance

Paperweight, keepin you from flyin to much greater heights

Hesitate? but whenever I try, I don’t really suffice

We’ve made it this far, and travelled so long

Had a pause while I’m in pain that you watched to prolong

Now I am lost in this unfamiliar road

How do I get back to take off all the fucking load


Hook (Fossils):

Bye, I’m never gonna see you again (never gonna see you again)

Bye, never thought that last night’s gonna be the end

(Was gonna be the end)

(Gonna be the end, gonna, gonna, gonna be the end)



We were alone on our

We were alone on our

We were alone on our

We were alone on our own

We are all alone

You were alone on your

You were alone on your

You were alone on your

You were alone on your own

We had everything in place

Now we couldnt believe its all gone

Lately, craving for you badly

Crazy, to think that you said maybe

Wouldn't want anything else

Your touch, your kiss on me

Everything made sense

When will I get to feel this way again


Repeat hook



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