Asymptotes (feat. Kensa)

Bad Burn
Producer: Serena DC


But you're not in my arms

I'll see you in another life

(see you in another life)

Meant to be separated by destiny

No matter where this ends

I'll have you for eternity

I'll wake up from this dream

And our worlds are not apart

(our worlds are not apart)

Just one night full of reveries

Engraved in our memories

Momentary sweet serendipity



It was a warm night, we met after daylight

Under the moonlight, spendin’ time flyin high/

The sight of you makes me smile

the way you look at me with those eyes

Chest thumping loudly singing lullabies

Frequencies align perfectly to harmonize

Swifting through space moving to paradise

Penny for your thoughts, are you up to catalyse?

Full spectrum, days whiter with emotions

Every tint, every shade, colorful commotion

within my chest is an explosion

Tryna hide inside my crust, a melting pot reaction

Hotter than a thousand suns, stronger than its pull

Eluding gravity, we can make our love rule

Locked in space, lost in time with the stars

We'll be moving from quarks to quasars



Can you feel the heart kickstart your adrenaline?

The fiery impulse pulsates that we undress again

I'll make you feel tonight's your noble coronation

When we connect the dots to trace our love's constellation



Your stare ignite flames makin nights brighter

Spark in your gaze, candours fire on cylinders



Our romantic tale is promised 'til the end

Until the universe collapses and it reverses back into another big bang


Repeat hook



Started as some bubble-blowin kids in the sandbox

Separated by their own fates in a padlock

They say that true love can conquer the test of time

I'll be searchin for the capsule that can travel to your present

Unravel all the magic in your lips

Taste the words of your penmanship and seal it with a kiss

You can be my sweetheart, I can be your bitterbrain

A swish of neon colours in the canvas that you fingerpaint

Baby, it's progression in the symphony

Where every note is played with perfection from memory

At the touch of the flesh, our bodies interlace

I'm cuddling your heart with all the stars in the Milky Way

We agreed to be the victims of the poetry

Fingers interlocked, supernova in your ovaries

Delve into a shared lucid dream together

Where we bend the laws of physics and the rules that restrict us



We’ll make our dreams our reality

I will hold your hand, through infinity

Take you to places that haven’t existed

When we feel tired and exhausted



Reachin for the stars, what we have is eternal

I would hold up the whole sky just to make you feel better



I’m done counting my cards

I give you myself, whole nine yards


Repeat chorus (2x)



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