Training (Runnin)

Producer: J Dilla (from the song “Runnin’”)

We can stay here, get the shit kicked out of us
Or we can fight our way back into the light
We can climb outta hell
One inch at a time
Now I can't do it for you
I'm too old

I have a dream, I can make it on my own
Studyin' the game like a little Al Capone
Little was it known that the boy was tryin' to fix everything 
Along the road 'till he knows he's the shit
Shit, I know I got a long way coming
I can smell the cheese can I please start running?
I can see your dad who's feedin' you all the cash
Is he tryin' to get some ass so please start frontin'
I'm comin' to take your spot
Competition please come take your shot
I can make shows hot
I can take those who rake hoes and fake those cops
I can break those shots
I can say all of these things but you see it doesn't make a man
Actions and ideas that are covered with the plan is
What I am
This is what I stand for
If you do not hustle, what the fuck do you need rap for?
I'm a bastard who raps just the classes
To asses who braggin', I turn you into ashes
And I'm flashin' the fashion, the Branson
I'm actin' like I'll be takin' over for the action
I'm a handsome attraction for those who fathom 
The phantom of all the funky rhythms and the funky flows
If you feelin' the passion and you are needin' some action 
Then we can be in the cabin without the clothes
Fuckin' a Hilton up in Paris
I am sorry Nikki you don't need to be embarrassed
If I see the opportunity then I'ma grab it
'cause I've had it with these wrong moves and bad fucking habits


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