Brand New Pinoy Hip-hop Videos You Should Check Out

What’s new in the local scene? Here are six Pinoy hip-hop music videos released in the past two weeks.

Dante Romero
August 10, 2022

   How’s Philippine hip-hop doing so far? Well, for the past two weeks, aside from various singles and events, six music videos have been released online. So to answer the question, the genre is doing really great. If you’ve been out of the loop when it comes to the visual side of the music, then don’t worry because we got you covered! 

   Open your YouTube pages now and check out these latest music videos from our amazing local talents. You will surely enjoy not only the lyricism and production of the song but the creativity behind the moving images as well. By watching these, you’re also showing support to the production teams who continue to work hard to bring the words to life. Let’s begin…

Ex Battalion – “Chismis”

   The MV for “Chismis” has already exceeded 1 million views just five days after its release. It goes to show that the group is still one of the most popular in the country. The crew behind the video did a superb job at mixing the HD and retro-style posse shots, which can serve as a symbol of Ex Battalion’s longevity. As for the song’s content, we don’t know who they’re talking about either so let’s just appreciate the visuals!

Carby – “Zero”

   Now, it’s time to show love to the underground! Rising star Carby dropped the video for his track “Zero” on the 4th of August. Shot by John Rey Gomez, the MV features scenes of the emcee spitting his bars in various spots while his crew hypes him up. It’s a very simple concept, but it’s still effective, thanks to the dedication shown by everyone in front of the camera. 

Sinio – “Bon Appetit”

   Sinio responded to all of his critics with a vengeance in his latest song “Bon Appetit”. We’ve already reviewed the track and music video. You can read it by clicking here.

OWFUCK – “Di Na Tama”

   The video for OWFUCK’s new joint “Di Na Tama” certainly has the potential to be viral. Aside from the colorful visuals and unexpected cameos, the concept of Lexus, Paul Cassimir, and Astro winning the grand prize at a talent show is undoubtedly well-executed. It’s the perfect metaphor for OWFUCK’s growth in the hip-hop scene. Big ups to the production team for successfully capturing the overall vibe of the track.

NOSAC feat. Winston Lee – “Gugma Ug Panaghiusa”

   NOSAC collaborated with Winston Lee for the song “Gugma Ug Panaghiusa”. It was written to commemorate the 49th anniversary of their fraternity Alpha Kappa Rho. The music video, which was done by Peephole Productions, was released on August 7. It features the artists rapping their verses while chilling with their brothers and sisters in Dumaguete. The feel-good scenes are a perfect match for the track’s positive message. 

Palos feat. JMara – “Padale”

   “Padale” follows the one-shot style of “Hunghang”. What makes “Padale” different is that it takes place in the busy streets of Pasay City. Morbeats deserves credit for always trying something new with their music videos. As for Palos and JMara, they continue to shine in front of the camera with their confidence and aggression. The MV now has over 680,000 views, and it will surely increase in the coming months.

   Please let us know in the comments section if we missed something. For those who’ve already seen these videos, don’t forget to recommend them to your friends or anyone who wants to witness how great our homegrown artists are. Lastly, watch out for more bangers in the coming months. Pinoy hip-hop is here to stay indeed!