• Hometown: Mariveles, Bataan
  • Reppin: MHP, BRC, Niyowma Production
  • Division: Central Luzon
  • Year Joined: 2019

SirDeo immediately gained a cult following in the underground battle scene thanks to his blend of theatrics and unorthodox humor. He officially joined the league in 2018 after becoming one of the special picks at the Process of Illumination tryouts. His debut battle took place in March 2019 at the first Won Minutes event, taking on Young One. SirDeo choked on the majority of the match, but fans had a glimpse of his unique style on the first round.

2020 is the year where SirDeo went all out. He redeemed himself from his Won Minutes loss by securing a dominating win against SlockOne. SirDeo continued to showcase his unusual brand of comedy, which quickly made him a household name. He decided to add more serious themes to his rounds in his later battles without abandoning his trademark style. SirDeo has also released various solo tracks online and apart from rap, he’s busy working as an educator specializing in ALS (Alternative Learning System).


SirDeo vs Bagsik

Ahon 14 (Day 1) Non-Tournament

J-King vs SirDeo

Bwelta Balentong 10 Non-Tournament

Hazky vs SirDeo

Ahon 13 (Day 1) Non-Tournament