Dream Delorean

Den Sy Ty
Producer: BIN5

Verse 1:

Night driving in my mind, close eyed, dream delorean

Refined time management, dinner’s candle lit

Young bloods thick, we tear the wall per brick

We get down with the symmetry, divinity clicks

Spark a lotus, only if it's lakshmi dhoop

Shock the modus, while sippin' on some wanton soup

Clear focus, even if the folks disapprove

Beyond the cusp, arriver comme un cheveux sur la soupe

Aged like wine, we dine on symbols and sines

Decrepit son of mysteries of primordial kinds

Major Arcana, and if you missed out, hasta mañana

Batten down the hatches, tossing out the ashes

River in the Nile, kung-fu praying mantis, yeah

Tending at my goals, wax and wane Wayne savage

Watch me growing out of this hole, a secret passage


Hook (2x):

Can you keep a secret, I know you can tell

Behind the veil, the demons orchestrating it well

Forreal, false flag historical myths we keep sippin'

But we dial it back, Dream Team Scottie Pippen

Scales fall from your lenses, the six senses

Skipping over the hill, no Netflix and chill

Jumping over fences, we dodging the kill

Marked suspenses, awaken from the sound of the shrill


Verse 2:

Tidyin' the mind’s house hold, itch the blindfold

Phone a friend from a higher plane, quitting the game

616, the modern number of the beast

Bearing Bad News Brown, sugar rolling in the deep web

Move with the tides with every flow and ebb

We dive for pearls, casting out this ivory world

Mad minutes, filling up the silence and zero is the digit

Zooming out my eyelids

Beyond the islands, heavenly confit, no conflict

We be fit for metaphysical diamonds

Up the mana, stage left fata morgana

Shattering the glass, release the prana

This is bliss, God’s kiss, only infinite

No time, no place, no space for the dissonant

Molt carapace, surface race self-exterior

Never see my face, no reflection in the mirror


Repeat hook



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