Den Sy Ty
Producer: Funkatalyst

Verse 1:

I've been living on the tip of my tongue

Venomous spitting for fun, got my one hand on the gun

They be legally regally dumb

Murdering the gossiping scum

Cover their bodies in cum

Choking on idols, copycat rivals, past disciples

Mouth run, no pun


Hook (2x):

Slit throats, you boast, you sink in boats

Toasting to the most high

Us ghosts, we float, we kill them goats

Only cause they don't cry


Verse 2:

Settle the score, slay the maze and the minotaur

Stab thru to the front-door

No blood, all gore

Tap out if you want more

Hocus pocus, we smoking lotus

Though lacking focus, we gleaming

Dead to the bogus, numb to the modus

Herd mentality dreaming

Buddhas are the new Judas

George Lucas, visual tricks

Long dick, short wick

Body building those feeble minds

We popping pills till we sick

Television, we robbing souls

We dropping molly’s for freedom

Parents know that their daughters' lonely

They slowly losing their reason


Repeat hook


Verse 3:

Catholic in the cafeteria, picking only what's easy

Hypocritical, casting critical spells and hits for the cheesy

We're shunned if you know more

Stun gun for the hardcore

Deadhead in my vapor

Signing no waivers, we're killing your saviors

We burning that paper with cultish behavior

Living as a lost soul, no hold

Not another slave to the mould

Fibs and lies, never truth be told

All glitter no gold

Chinchirorin, snake eyes in a bowl


Repeat hook


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