Atsay Killer

Den Sy Ty
Producer: Lustbass


We in the land of the mourning, children of the sun

We so used to the burning from the barrels of the gun

Be the first to shoot only coz it's the truth

We stand tall as were penalized, victims arise

The true test is trueness, can't be fucked

We be fooled by the foolish, fresh out of luck

We be strong to the finish, diminishing thrillers

Can't settle for less, erase them atsay killers

Forms of power, they bow down coz they're favored

All kinds of snakes, in a wide array of different flavors

We savor the sacred, the love, and hatred

Toss it in the salad of this life underrated

Relief in the abstract, away from the noise

We brewin' mirroring gods, exposing the frauds, we bloomin'

Knights of the round executing solutions

Fumigate and extricate from noise pollution


Hook (4x):

Well faded, we want the sacred, no entertainment

Land of the living dead, scenes of the jaded

Ouroboros, lost cause, rev up the nos

We aim higher, cold shoulder but spit fire


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