Slow Down (feat. Prometheus Brown)

…paper cuts…
Producer: MTK

Verse 1:

Too many goodie goodie two shoes say

"Hit the front gate when a Bam' song play"

When a Bam song play the masses take a master face like a masquerade

Parade of those who ain't the least bit afraid

To hok one back in a police face

Let the police spray a whole can of mace

Spit that out and go ape shit break

The run I run, I'm in hot pursuit

Police going off top to shoot

Fuck that rule I rocket you

Knuckle and a tooth then I knock it loose

I pop a deuce for my patna's duke

Broke in the motherfucking pockets dude

The schools not teach ya how to earn no doe

That's why I roll with a fo' fo' for

(Slow down)

See I believe in the block

It's the spot that I'm gon' turn into my burial plot

A parking lot

For a mall to shop used to be owned by mom and pop

Now it's where your grande lattes can get bought

And with that new mall they gon' double the cops so stay hush

Keep a white tee and raw denim jeans on my Chucks

Soul Assassin fitted cap with the brim flipped back

I can't wear skinny jeans cause my gat's too fat



S-s-s-sun go up and the sun come down

Money get low when the guns come out

From L.A. to the Town

Somebody tell them kids to slow down

I said, sun come up, sun come down

Money get low, guns come out

From L.A. to the Town

Somebody tell them kids to slow down


Verse 2:

Once again somebody shooting

And soon I'm finna maneuver

Like Splinter and I'm in a sewer

Sending a message to all losers

Listen, you can not pursue us

I'm ducking, dodging assassins

In such a marvelous fashion

Know in a flash that it can happen

Whatever form of action

It's more than quoting Malcolm

I'm putting it down you running around

And wondering what's the outcome?

You shoulda been studying W.E.B

Instead of W.B

And WWE this is not T.V

(Go slow)

I know you see me dummy

Ain't got a lotta money but you taking none from me

They think you got the look

You a mark or a crook

They don't do it by the book

They gon' shoot before they look

It don't matter where you stay in around yo' town

When the seasons start to change and them rain clouds clown

We the reason that they made a fo' pound go blaw

Better have a good reason telling Pro to slow down

Go now


Repeat hook



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