Delay Llamas

Den Sy Ty
Producer: Spazzkid

Verse 1:

When I was asleep I was a loose lovah

Groosfaba, hole-in-one kendama

Living for the high, third eye blind, I was out of it

Getting sick, quick, the plot thickens, inject drama

Clowns surround found sounds and crown chakras

Overbite hounds, new age fake Dalai Llamas

Manila folder, low and behold, the cash flowin'

Showing off the snakes in the grass, we lawn mowing

Underdogs learning, burning oil at 12

It was a hoax, things we hold sacred and high

You made a joke off loving local, all you moguls

Got me straight up going loco 'til I woke up


Hook (2x):

Nepotism in favor of fortunate souls

You fit the mold

Bend over backwards, never do what we're told

Bouncing on the latest trends, quick to pretend

The fine line you crossed between a foe and a friend


Verse 2:

Hype riding, dick vibing, plus signin'

Beat biting, bootleg, pegging all day

Copy-pasting, lines tracing, basting

Ill-tasting, faking, getting away

You, I'm anomalous, ain't anonymous

I only speak ominous when spoken to

I'm honest with demonics from the tropics

Like the plague I'm bubonic, I'm Sonic when I'm healin'

Verbal expose, to show the world your stealing

We incarnate, carnal knowledge

Our minds forage, akashic storage, spiritual porridge

Burning bridges we've crossed, the homies we've lost

They Judas

Toss the past in a bucket hat

Why do they do this


Repeat hook


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