Anubis (Intro)

Anubis Killa
Ankhten Brown
Producer: Yung Bawal


Hey what’s gucci?

Hey what’s good?

Yeah my name’s Ankhten, yeah

Oh what? Anubis?

Yeah, nice to meet you too



Ayyo, what’s up?

My name be Ankhten

It be time to meet your maker

Packing heat in different flavors

I can see you, weak and naked

Got this belly full of gold

We pissing yellow, dehydrating

Leave you twisted like you gettin’ educated in a Twister game

Mind frame of (?)

Your mind’s (?) really lame

Packin’ all these punches, I’m so juicy when I entertain

Her on the sheets, be your bitch that I re-arrange

Never leave the scene until I crumble it and re-arrange

Till then I'll be chilling in the back, ready to attack

Never will I lag, hold it down like your thumb has snapped

Chat it up with (?) single step

My nigga you could do it

It’s all I know, I never hold it back

Thought you was a God, killing shit 'til I (?) them to death

Homerun, grand slam, every time I hit the set

I’m homegrown (?)

Everything I do (?)

I just cash a nike check

Pockets ain’t swole but my mind on a (?)

Catching ideas while they try to ID us

Can’t they see the (?) all I know's a

“I see us”



Fifth chakra, (?)

I should call you all here

Tell ‘em pick up your gear

(?) more beer (?) toxins (?)

Even Mickey Mano couldn’t help you out this (?)


Somebody call the coroner to tell them, pick this body up

Body bag (?) your body rotting in the mud


Go on take a puff and leave the pressure while I’m kicking slugs


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